Service Level Agreement


Ad Hoc Occupational Health Limited will provide all registered clients with:

1.1 Pre-placement health questionnaire OR management referral service on demand and as required.

1.2 The issue of a “certificate of fitness” recommending any appropriate action within 2 working days of a candidate submitting a completed online questionnaire. Triage by an OH clinician and referral to an OH Physician (OHP) where appropriate; liaison with the employee’s GP or consultant specialist where further medical reports are required, and provision of a report on the employee where applicable (at an additional cost to be confirmed beforehand).

1.3 Telephone consultation with an employee following an attendance management referral, and a management report recommending appropriate action in response to the questions asked (unless further medical information is required), within 2 working days of the assessment being completed. If the employee exercises their right to see the report before it is released to their employer, the referring party will be notified within this timeframe.

1.4 Additional Services

Any of the following services will be provided by Ad Hoc Occupational Health Limited or a third party supplier. Cost will vary depending on requirements to be agreed in writing by email prior to the service commencing:

Engage absence management service (please refer to for more information); the use of this tool is augmented by a quarterly review if requested by the client, either on-site or remotely, to benchmark the return on investment from using my services;

Rightsteps Wellbeing Programme delivered in the form of telephonic and online counselling, with a management report to be released on completion (please note that a £35 disengagement fee applies if the client does not continue support after initial assessment);

Annual food handling, hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), and night worker assessments with the issue of a “certificate of fitness” or recommendation of appropriate action as a result of their completed health questionnaire (online);

Ergonomic and workplace physiotherapist assessments (online, over the telephone and on-site as required);

On-site Health Promotion (Wellbeing Day), Pre-employment, and Annual Health Surveillance Medicals (the following tests are available for employees regularly exposed to those risks  requiring them to undergo routine statutory health surveillance, under Health and Safety Executive regulations: body mass index, blood pressure, blood glucose and blood cholesterol, keystone vision, audiometric hearing, tiers 1 (baseline) and 2 (annual) hand-arm vibration syndrome; skin checks and lung function);

Safety-critical driver assessments; for drivers of commercial vehicles (Group 1 license, e.g. forklift truck or crane operators, and Group 2 lorry or bus drivers), I recommend an on-site medical to ensure eyesight standards meet with the legal requirements mandated by the DVLA.

2. Fees

Upon registration, the registrant is able to submit a management referral AND / OR request a pre-placement health assessment when and as required;

For services provided on an ad hoc basis, the client agrees to pay the service provider as and when they use such services or before the release of the requested report;

The service provider will invoice the client before Additional Services (or changes incurring additional charges) are commenced, and client shall pay all such invoices within 30 days of the due date given. Please see the Schedule of this Agreement under Section 2. Payment and interest.

2.1 Management Referrals

Management of referred cases via telephone contact will be charged at £100 for the first assessment and report, and appointments cancelled within 2 working days and missed appointments will be charged in full;

Management of referred cases in person and on-site will be charged at £150 for the first assessment and report, and appointments cancelled within 2 working days and missed appointments will be charged in full;

The above does not include the cost of further medical evidence (“FME”) for which an additional charge will be made in accordance with the provisions set out in Section 2.4;

In the event that an OHP referral is cancelled prior to completion, a reduced fee would be payable. Cancellation fees and did not attend (“DNA”) fees incurred by the service provider will be charged on to the client in full; 

Please note that if more than 5 additional questions are asked by the referring party, a double booking fee will be charged to allow additional time for the clinician to answer all of the questions. 

2.2 Health Assessment Questionnaires

The questionnaires will be charged at £13 each (this fee includes telephonic follow-up with the candidate if required). An additional management fee would be payable in the event that further medical evidence (FME) is required, plus the costs of obtaining FME as appropriate (please see note below).

2.3 Additional Services

All of the Additional Services under Section 1.4 will be provided via Ad Hoc Occupational Health Limited or a third party supplier and will be charged at cost unless stated otherwise (10% administration fee will not be charged unless agreed to by email between Ad Hoc Occupational Health Limited and the client beforehand);

Online annual food handling, Tier 2 HAVS, and night worker assessments will be charged at £15 each. An additional management fee will be payable in the event that further medical evidence (FME) is required, plus the costs of obtaining FME as appropriate (please see note below);

Referrals from the health surveillance programme will be charged as a management referral as detailed in 2.1 above.

2.4 Further Medical Evidence

The cost of any further medical evidence will be charged as follows:

Management of referred cases via OHP of employees across the UK will be at cost plus a 10% administration fee per referral;

Reports from an employee’s General Practitioners will be charged at cost plus a 10% administration fee;

Reports from an employee’s treating specialist will be charged at cost plus a 10% administration fee;

Workstation Assessments (“WSA”) or Workplace Assessments ("WPA") will be charged at cost plus a 10% administration fee;

If the Service Provider considers it necessary to arrange a medical assessment with an OHP, the client will be given prior notification that an additional charge will be payable and the client may instruct the service provider not to proceed.

2.5 Cancellation of appointments

Full charges will apply to appointments not attended and for cancellations or changes to appointments with less than 48 hours’ notice (excluding weekends and Bank holidays).

2.6 Medical Records

The following charges relate to medical records:

Storage of all medical records created with the service provider will only be charged at cost plus a 10% administration fee, if transfer of records is requested;

Ad Hoc Occupational Health Limited is obliged by law to supply, within 40 calendar days, any data pertinent to an individual requesting its release in writing under the Data Protection Act. I reserve the right to levy a charge of £10 for releasing this information electronically to cover my administrative costs, and up to a maximum of £50 if paper based health records are requested (depending on the number of pages provided).

2.7 Miscellaneous

In addition to the above, should the client wish to cancel their account, they are required to notify the service provider to enable collation of their medical records for download (at a charge of £25 to cover the administrative costs), before the account can be confirmed as closed.


Further information is available upon request: